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In the energy industry, well-machined parts must perform dependably in harsh environments that are often subjected to corrosive or abrasive materials.

Drilling rigs, hydraulic fracturing equipment, refineries, and now wind turbines and solar panels rely on parts and tools manufactured with best-in-class CNC machines from Methods that deliver unmatched precision and accuracy through custom setups and automated applications.

Methods develops complete turn-key solutions that reliably and accurately manufacture your components, no matter which sector of the energy and renewables industry your shop is machining parts for.

Whether it is replacement parts for a refinery or high-volume production of precise rails and frames for solar panels, our experts engineer machining applications that validate quality and improve your operational efficiency with automated infeed and outfeed systems.

illustration of a wind turbine with graphic connector to a component manufactured using cnc machine tools

Machine Any Energy Industry Parts

  • Turbine components – blisks, blades, etc.
  • Wind rotating mechanisms
  • Solar frames and housings
  • Hydroelectric gears, flanges, impellers and gates
  • Oil and gas drilling rotary rigs, drill stems, bits, valve systems
  • Surface and underground mining gear blanks, shafts, housings, bearing seals

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