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Your Work

Working With Us

The team member experience

Our team members come first! We commit every day to nurture an environment where team members can show up as their best selves, so you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

Setting you up for success

Work is stressful enough. By combining end-to-end personal benefits and the right technologies, our goal is for team members to be secure and prepared for success on Day 1.

Our Values

Customer First

It’s simple. Our customers’ success is our success. We strive to provide our customers a world-class experience. Every Methods team member, no matter your role or your experience, plays a part in ensuring our customers receive the best of what we offer.

Partners for Life 

When our customers invest Methods, they’re investing for more than a point in time. They’re investing in the long haul. We have an unbending focus toward customer success, supported by unmatched machine tools, automation, services, and an innovation engine that continually supports our customers. It’s why we measure many of our customer relationships in decades—not just years.

Sustaining Innovation

We’ve spent the last 65+ years bringing the best machines in the world to market, supported with superior engineering that gives back to our customers perhaps their most valued resource—time.   Our eyes on the future and innovating to at the leading edge to succeed within shifting trends, demands, and expectations.

Future Ready

The pace of change is accelerating and so we prepare for any scenario. We commit to a culture of continuous learning, training, and operational excellence so we are ready to meet any opportunity or challenge that comes our way.

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