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Digital Optical Comparator Machines

Vision inspection systems that give manufacturers a competitive edge

Reliable, High Accuracy Measurement

The latest in vision inspection systems, digital optical comparators from VisionGauge offer manufacturers unique advantages for quality control, especially when utilized within fully automated machining systems directly on the production floor. This technology combines image analysis with multiple axes of motion to properly analyze manufactured parts from all sides and directions for incredibly precise accuracy measurements. The benefits of digital optical comparators include:

  • Automatic Direct CAD Comparison
  • Easier to Use
  • Fully Automated Integration
  • Faster than Traditional Optical Comparators
  • More Accurate Measuring
  • Fewer Operator-Dependent Errors

Advanced Inspection Technology That’s Easy to Use

Digital optical comparators reduce operator-dependent errors and waste through fully automatic edge detection software, all managed using intuitively-designed control interfaces that do not require extensive training or additional instruction for operators.

Supported By Our Team of Experts

Our team of engineering experts is ready to help you through the entire implementation process, including planning and selecting best-in-class digital optical comparator technology that can be seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing process.

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