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Methods Automation Plus-K RTS

The Methods Plus-K Automation System is an innovative robotic automation solution that is added to a medium bed Fanuc RoboDrill that not only exchanges part carriers but also tool holders to further enhance the functionality of the RoboDrill. The compact automation system is only 32” wide and is secured to the machine on a set of rigid brackets.

The idea of this cell is to fill up the Rotary Storage Carousel with a number of workpiece carriers and the extra tooling required for the different workpieces it and let it run. Setups are reduced because the system is based on the robot loading and unloading workpiece carriers into and out of the machine. Because these quick change carriers are designed with a common feature to be used by the robot and clamped in the machine on a common clamping system, no programming for the robot is required and no setup in the machine is required.

Workpieces are secured in vises or blank pallets which are intended to be customized for the specific holding requirements. These pallets are placed in the rotary carousel along with the required tool

Product Details

Features & Benefits

Methods Plus-K Automation Assembly Including:

  • 4 tool racks each holding 11 tool positions for a total of 44 extra tool positions
  • Rotary Storage Carousel with 60 part/part carrier positions
  • (1)Steel base, stand and sheet metal enclosure, (2) Bottom support brackets with leveling feet to secure enclosure to the machine
  • (2) Safety interlocked doors in the front and side, (1) Removable panel back.
  • Plus-K Simple Pallet Management System

FANUC LR Mate 200iD 6 axis Articulating Arm Industrial Grade Robot w/R-30iB Mate Controller including:

  • Motion Package, RoboDrill Connection Interface software option, elevator motor and control
  • End of arm tooling system including:
  • (2) pneumatic, parallel close, two jaw grippers with close position sensor, 1 set of blank gripper fingers

Elevator System Base Programming in Robot

  • Programming supplied to operate Carousel system. End user to set initial pick up point as well as row and column details

Technical Data


Pallet Storage
¾” (20) mm between pallets for 32 pallets / 1 ½” (40)mm between pallets for 19 pallets / 4 ¼” (110mm) between pallets for 8 pallets
Pallet Size
6.3” (160mm) x 4” (100mm) x 4.7” (120mm)

Work Piece

Max Weight of Part
13 lbs. (6kg) parts & vise


Floor Space
67”(1700mm) x 30” (760mm)
Unit Weight
1200lbs (550kg)


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Click to watch video


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