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Nakamura-Tome MX-100

The MX-100 is a state-of-the-art, compact high-precision Multitasking Machine, with the capabilities of a Machining Center and a Turning Center, featuring advanced software, smart features and up to 96 tools, to ensure highproductivity machining of a wide range of parts, and to smartly meet the needs of various manufacturing sectors.

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • Milling・Y-axis standard
  • ATC tool spindle standard
  • ATC tool spindle motor 11/7.5kW
  • Spindle speed12,000min-1 (op. 20,000min-1)
  • ATC storage capacity 36 tools (op. 48, 72 tools)
  • X-axis travel up to 50 mm below spindle center.
  • Y axis travel ± 105 mm with respect to the spindle center
  • Floor space 4,350mm x 2,795mm
  • Lower turret milling motor power 7.1/2.2 kW with Max. speed 6,000 min-1
  • Eco-friendly: Grease lubrication of slide axes
  • Advanced software and Smart features

Technical Data


Max Turning Diameter (Tool Spindle / Lower Turret)
12" (305mm) / 8.7" (220mm)
Distance Between Spindle Noses
39.4" (1,000mm) / 9.1" (230mm)
Max Turning Length
34.3" (870mm)

Bar Capacity

Bar Capacity
ø 2" (51mm) / ø 2.6" (65mm)(op. only for L)
Chuck size
6" (165mm) / 8" (210mm)

Axis Travel

Slide Travel (X1)
23" (585mm)
Slide Travel (X2)
5.1" (130.5mm)
Slide Travel (Z1)
30.7"+12.6" (780mm+320 at ATC)
Slide Travel (Z2)
28.1" (713mm)
Slide travel (Y1)
± 4.1" (105mm)
Slide Travel (B2)
30.3" (770mm)

Feed Function

Rapid Feed (X1/X2)
315 in/min (8 m/min)
Rapid Feed (Z1/Z2)
315 in/min (8 m/min)
Rapid feed (Y)
315 in/min (8 m/min)
Rapid Feed (B2 Axis)
315 in/min (8 m/min)

Left and Right Spindle

Spindle Speed
6,000 rpm
Spindle Speed Range
Spindle Nose
Hole Through Draw Tube
2.5:" (63mm)


Number of Tool Stations
Number of Indexing Positions

Tool Spindle

Tool Spindle Speed
20,000 rpm
Tool Shank Type
Capto C4
Number of Tool Stock
36 (op. 48, 72)
Max Tool Diameter/without Adjacent Tool
2.2" (55mm) / 3.1" (80mm)
Max Tool Length/ Max Tool Weight
7.1" (180mm)
ATC Time (tool to tool)
1.3 sec

Drive motor power

Main Spindle
15 HP
Right Spindle
15 HP
Driven Tool Spindle
15 HP


Machine Weight
37,500 lbs (17,000kg)


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