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KH-4100 RTS

KIWA KH-4100 is a high-performance horizontal machining center with full rotary B-axis can be installed in a space for a vertical machining center. The KH-4100 is designed as slim as possible.

Compared to KIWA HMC model KH-4500kai, the KH-4100 saves floor space by 45%. In spite of the compact design, the KH-4100 is equipped with full specs for a variety of workpieces and factory automation equipment. The KH-4100 is equipped with a wide center trough in the machining area and a strong bed coolant wash. Chips will go directly down the center trough for disposal at the rear of the machine. Sheet metal covers on both sides are steeply slanted to guide chips to the trough.

Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • (4) Simultaneously Controlled Axes
  • Provision for Coolant Through Spindle
  • Coolant Chip flow System
  • Spindle Oil Cooler
  • Pallet and Chip Wash
  • Chip Conveyor – LNS-Turbo MH500
  • Tool Life Management
  • AICC2 400 block look ahead
  • 1280 Meter / 512 kB Memory
  • Helical Interpolation
  • 200 Tool Off Sets
  • Macro Programming

Technical Data


X-Axis Travel
20.1 (510) in (mm)
Y-Axis Travel
20.1 (510) in (mm)
Z-Axis Travel
20.1 (510) in (mm)
4th Axis Travel (Rotary Table)
0 to 360 degrees


Pallet Surface to Spindle Center
2APC: 2.0-22.0 (50-560) (single pallet: 6.9-27.0 (175-685)) in (mm)
Pallet Center to Spindle Nose
3.9-24 (100-610) in (mm)
Pallet Size
15.7x15.7 (400x400) in (mm)
Pallet Load Capacity
1100 (500) lbs (kg)
Max. Workpiece Size
21.7x33.5 (550x850) in (mm)
Pallet change Time
12.5 sec

Feed Rate

X-Axis Rapid Traverse
3149 (80) in/min (m/min)
Y-Axis Rapid Traverse
3149 (80) in/min (m/min)
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse
3149 (80) in/min (m/min)
4Th Axis
37 rpm
Cutting Feed (X/Y/Z)
1181 (30) in/min (m/min)


Spindle Power
20 (15) HP
Spindle Speed
Spindle Taper
Cat 40


Standard Number of Tools
Maximum Tool Weight
17.6 (8) lbs (kg)
Maximum Tool Length
15.7 (400) in (mm)
Maximum Tool Diameter
3.3/5.5 (85/140) in (mm)
Tool Changing Time- Tool to Tool
0.9 sec


Coolant Tank Capacity
79.3 (300) gal (L)
Machine Weight
2APC+60ATC: 16940 (7700)
Machine Control


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