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Making full use of KIWA’s experience, KIWA has eliminated all possible wasted space on the KH-4500. As a result the KH-4500 incorporates one of the largest work envelopes in its class.

KIWA has also maintained its speed and agility with over 1G acceleration/deceleration on all axes. The rigidity has been greatly enhanced with the “stepped” base and column casting design. Keeping the traditions of KIWA design, the KH-4500 is fully expandable both for the APC and ATC portions of the machine. These features are field installable.

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Product Details

Features & Benefits

  • (4) Simultaneously Controlled Axes
  • Provision for Coolant through Spindle
  • Spindle Oil Cooler
  • Ballscrew Cooling
  • Y-axis Cooling System
  • Box Type Bed
  • Stepped Layout of X-axis Guide Ways
  • Roller Type Guide Way
  • Pallet and Chip Wash
  • Chip Conveyor – LNS-Turbo MH500
  • Spiral Augers
  • Tool life Management
  • AICC1
  • 1280 meter / 512 kB Memory
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Macro Programming

Technical Data


X-Axis Travel
27.6 in (700mm)
Y-Axis Travel
29.1 in (740mm)
Z-Axis Travel
26.8 in (680mm)
4th Axis Travel (Rotary Table)
0 to 360 degrees


Pallet Surface to Spindle Center
2.0-26.0 (50-660) in (mm)
Pallet Center to Spindle Nose
3.9-30.7 (100-780) in (mm)
Pallet Size
15.7x15.7 (400x400) in (mm)
Pallet Load Capacity
1100 (500) lbs (kg)
Max. Workpiece Size
ø 29.5 (750) for 2/6APC / ø 25.6 (650) for 8APC in (mm)
Pallet change Time
10.5 sec

Feed Rate

X-Axis Rapid Traverse
3149 (80) in/min (m/min)
Y-Axis Rapid Traverse
3149 (80) in/min (m/min)
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse
3149 (80) in/min (m/min)
4Th Axis
66 rpm
Cutting Feed (X/Y/Z)
1181 (30) in/min (m/min)


Spindle Power
50 (37.5) HP
Spindle Speed
15000 (12000 or a 20000 built-in)
Spindle Taper
Cat 40


Standard Number of Tools
60 (40/80/120/240) std (opt)
Maximum Tool Weight
17.6 (8) lbs (kg)
Maximum Tool Length
15.7 (400) in (mm)
Maximum Tool Diameter
ø 2.8/5.5 for 40/60ATC 3.7/7.2inch for 80/120/220ATC (adjacent pots full/empty) in (mm)
Tool Changing Time- Tool to Tool
0.9 (1.7: heavy tool programmable) / 2.8 (3.6: heavy tool programmable) sec


Coolant Tank Capacity
145.3 (550) gal (L)
Machine Weight
2APC+60ATC: 20240 (9200) / 2APC+120ATC: 21890 (9950) lbs (kg)
Machine Control


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